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Being online

On the web we present ourselves or our company with what we have to offer to others. Products, services or information that we want to show, sell or share with the world. For many types of businesses, online presence and promotion is vital for their existence. It is important that our (potential) customers find us online and stay there long enough to be impressed by what we offer, or find valuable information that can help them along with their search for what they need or want.

There are many factors that play a role in making in making a worthwhile online presence. A website or app should deliver valuable content, and a user friendly interface, so that the visitors find it pleasant and easy to navigate on your site and find what they are looking for. Furthermore the visual presence, the way a site looks can be important. colors, images, fonttype, etc. also have an impact on your visitors.

Also a website can be made dynamic. This means there is user interaction. Things like creating an account, logging in, search options, or filling in a form to generate certain content or retreive information. A website can be enriched with the addition of a user account for your visitors. Here they can, uppon logging in, view user specific pages and content. This is useful for services like an online store, shopping cards, customer databases, etc.

To be found on the web it is important that search engines rate our site as high as possible. This can be realized with search engine optimization (SEO). A few key points here to make this happen are valuable content, useful keywords and links from other websites. Our website should be valuable to others and worth visiting.

All these aspects are achieved by different fields of webdesign or development. See Services

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